Emu Creek Station has something for everyone who loves wide open spaces with very few people but lots of interesting wildlife and big skies.  If it's wildflowers, geology, birds, the iconic kangaroos and emus, insects or lizards which revs your motor, you'll love Emu Creek Station.


When the weather is really warm, nothing beats a swim in our fresh-water pool which is up to two kilometres long most of the year.  Use our kayaks and either burn up some kilojoules or just drift along taking in the terrain and the bird-life.  Over 70 bird species have been recorded.

In 1912 a huge 12-stand oregon and corrugated iron woolshed was constructed where up to 20,000 sheep were shorn in the station's hey-day.  The Nyang wool shed is part of the historic Wool Wagon Way which leads through the Murchison and Pilbara regions to the old port of Onslow.



natural wonders

Historic woolshed

An exciting station-stay experience located in the heart of the Western Australian Pilbara region


Emu creek station